A LAW FIRM SPECIALIZED in taxpayers defence

French tax law is complex, unstable and hermetic. It requires a day-to-day watch on both legislative and case- law levels.

More than 50 000 accounting verifications, 5 000  personal fiscal situation reviews and thousands of document controls are carried out every year. All together, more than 20 billions Euros of tax reassessment were recovered in the year 2015.  Since 2012, 70 new measures were adopted through the law of December 6th 2013 in order to fight against tax fraud and then through three successive finance laws to strengthen the control and repression means. In such an environment, it is imperative to be backed up by hardened professionals in order to deal with the often difficult and sometimes destabilizing challenge coming with a fiscal audit or a tax dispute.


An exclusive activity for more than 25 years: the tax litigation

Established in 1990, our firm is exclusively dedicated to fiscal control and tax litigation procedures. We work for companies of any size, leaders and physical persons with complex income and assets  whether domiciled in France or abroad. In addition, we provide direct consulting services for both French and foreign colleagues, certified public accountants, financial advisors, and attorneys.

Choosing a core specialization: the benefit of independence

The tax litigation is very specific and differs from tax consulting, which is positioned upstream. It is a real core specialization. The distinct role’s separation within the tax law acts like a real Chinese wall and guarantees the total independence in our customers interest’s defence during an audit or a litigation.  This independence is an imperative requirement within our trade, ensuring trust between the firm and its clients, and allowing, case after case, a total freedom  to deal with the tax authorities and jurisdictions.

Our method: a guaranteed involvement

With more than 25 years of successful experiences in this core-specialization, each associate manages personally all tax audits and tax litigation cases. Hence a continuous relation is guaranteed between our client and a single contact person, an experienced associate personally committed to the case entrusted to him.

Our experts’ network: a guarantee of optimal efficiency

The complex procedures of tax audits and litigation often stand at the crossroads between several domains of the law. Over time, handling multiple cases, we have developed a dense and active network of specialized colleagues and renowned university professors, all experts in the other legal fields: business criminal law, commercial law, European law, employment law, real estate law,  literary and artistic property rights, customs law. They intervene alongside us if necessary.

Our field of intervention: a necessary crosscutting approach
We intervene on all kinds of audits conducted by tax authorities: account’s examinations, cross-examinations of personal fiscal situations, desk controls, request for information, VAT rights of inquiries, house searches.

The tax litigations which we handle cover all kinds of taxes, in all domains of tax law:
* business taxation (VAT and company taxes),
* personal income taxation,
* asset taxation (solidarity tax on wealth (ISF),
* real estate taxation,
* European taxation,
* international taxation.

We intervene on audit cases based in Paris and on the entire French territory. During litigation, we can  bring these cases to trial in front any Courts and Courts of Appeal whether administrative or judicial located on French soil. On cassation proceedings, we work with lawyers practicing before the Council of State and Court of cassation.

This core-specialization together with our crosscutting expertise and the total commitment of our associates, has allowed us to distinguish ourselves in winning numerous cases concerning business taxation, as well as individual or asset taxation.

Our terms of interventions

Our fees are subject of a written agreement, combining on one hand a provisional fee for each procedure act according to the time spent that we generally try  to package, and on the other hand an additional fee according to the outcome.



BACKGROUND: Philippe NATAF and Eric PLANCHAT, attorneys specialized in tax law, members of the Paris Bar,

have distinguished themselves in the defense of numerous complex and sensitive cases that they successfully led.

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